How to install the NVIDIA drivers on CentOS 7 Linux -

The CentOS 7's support for Nvidia video graphic cards comes in a form of an open source nouveau driver. In case the nouveau driver is not a sufficient solution, users can install the official Nvidia driver as a proprietary alternative. This step by steps tutorial will guide you through the entire process on Nvidia driver installation.
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I finally managed to install the NVidia drivers but I had a few problems. Firstly my NVidia driver installation failed due to having the wrong package. I tried to reboot and couldn’t as the XOrg configuration was messed up.To fix it I needed to go into rescue mode and uninstalling the NVidia driver was the key to fixing it
sudo bash NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-*.run --uninstall
Then I had the driver installed but it wouldn’t let me run nvidia-settings. The grub entry had nomodeset on it. So I removed that and now everything seems ok.
Maybe you could add this to the article?


Last year, I had the same problem as you, XOrg was messed up and it wasn’t easy for me to reinstall it…

Unfortunately, with CentOS 7, when you have the integrated Intel and an NVIDIA graphics card (like in my Lenovo laptop), you can’t use this last. There is no solution !

Under Ubuntu, there is no problem…

There is a solution I found for dual nvidia/Intel graphics like the one you have I have major unrelated problems with the new 7.6 kernel, but this seems to work for the Nvidia problem.