How to install VirtualBox on Debian Linux -

The following article will describe a simple procedure on how to install Virtual box on Debian Linux.
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Douglas Gross

You may need to install the dirmngr package to import keys by running:

apt install dirmngr

Also the most current version is virtualbox-5.2, and you can instead run:

apt install virtualbox-5.2

Wenhua CHE


wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
apt-get update

Just a small note here:
A typo of one letter may cause confusion, pls correct it:
On the
(Update local repository package list:) section, the command typo mistake in:

apt-get udpate

is the last argument, which should be: update… not udpate

thank you. This typo will be fixed shortly…Much appreciated

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Thanks to the typo… made me part of this wonderful community :slight_smile:
Keep the great work!

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