How To Make Disk Appear in File Manager?

I have an ntfs disk mounted ro and accessible from the terminal but it doesn’t show in the gui file manager anywhere on my LinuxMint setup here.

How can I troubleshoot/fix this? (I’m very much a newbie).

In case it has any bearing on it: It is a cloned copy of a win10 system disk that crashed and couldn’t be even seen by windows. This Mint system sees it and says it cannot be mounted except read only.

I cloned it onto a brand new disk and it now says the same thing about that clone: only mount read only.

so I’ve mounted it read only and yesterday was able to copy files off it via file manager, drag and drop, very easy.

Today, after shutting down overnight, I had to remount and that went okay but the file manager shows the directory as empty, no files, though it reports the available space as being what it truly is : i.e. 2T minus files.

Hi Abrogard,

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If you can access the mounted disk from the terminal, the problem may be as simple as the file manager does not update displayed information. Did you try to restart the file manager after remounting the disk?

no I didn’t. that’s the default linux mint file manager. i didn’t realise it could be started and stopped.

just googled it. nemo -q and then start from the menu.


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