How to set, change and delete music tags with Mutagen - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration

Tagging music files is a way of keeping a music library well organized and let us search for songs on the base of Artists, albums, genre and other parameters. Many graphical and command line applications exist on Linux to manage tags for audio files, like Picard or Quodlibet. Most of those applications are written in Python and use the “mutagen” module at their core. In this tutorial we learn how to use it directly.

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Interesting article, but I use Easytag for one or a few files, and Kid3 to tag multiple files, like with album, artists, date and album art. I also use Audacity, as it will let you edit .wma/.cda tags for CD burning. That seems much easier than remembering all those commands.

Do those GUI programs use “mutagen” at their core?