How to upload file from linux to sharepoint site

This article will focus on how to make connection to upload and download files to sharepoint site through linux shell script.
I tried using curl as below but I did not get output neither the file uploaded.
curl --ntlm --user username:password --upload-file myfile.xls https–://


Hi Ali,

The URL in your command seems malformed. https- (or https–) can not be part of a valid URL, or is that only a copy-paste error?

Also, try to run the command with the verbose argument, and please share the output, that may give some clues on what goes wrong.

hi sadmann,

thank you very much.
we will try to use third party to upload files to Sharepoint site.

thank you

Hi ali, does sharepoint work well for all type as of now?

Hi guys,
Was this problem resolved? If yes then could you quote it