How to use detox version 1.45

I want to use detox version 1.45.
But I don’t understand how to configure and use the 2 additional files of this version.
Where should the custom files be placed?
What must the sequence file contain so that the names respect UTF8?

When I run the command :
detox -nrv -f /etc/detoxrc -s utf_8 file /home/me/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/
I get :
Scanning: file
file: No such file or directory
Scanning: /home/moi/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/
/home/moi/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/: No such file or directory

thank you for your answers


You are instructing the detox command to search among other things for a file called file:
$ detox -nrv -f /etc/detoxrc -s utf_8 file /home/me/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/

Which is no there. Try insead:
detox -nrv -f /etc/detoxrc -s utf_8 /home/me/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/

hope this helps…

Hello Lubos,
Trying to remove “file”, I get the message :
No such file or directory


in that case perhaps this path /home/me/Documents/Asso_et_syndicat/asso1/2009/ is incorrect.

Hello Lubos,
I checked the syntax of the path.
It’s correct.

But I don’t understand how to use the two new features in this version of DETOX, DETOXRC and DETOX.TBL.

Thanks if anyone can help me,