Install webmin before Lamp?

Hi I’m totally new with this
I want to run a Apache to install several web-apps like next-cloud Orangescrum, grocy…

So I think I will use webmin to configure the server for installation of the apps because Im not Clever with comandline.

I found this guide: how-to-install-webmin-on-ubuntu-20-04 (I’m not allowed to post Links)
Or is there an easier way for a beginner with some software collection to chose from?
I have now a new installation of Ubuntu 20.04 desktop on VMware to try & learn.
Can I follow this guide and install Lamp with this tool later?

Hi Witzker,

Yes, you can totally do that, Webmin is perfect to manage and configure your services. Regarding Apache, I am not so sure what would you like to do. Install Apache first, and the rest of the LAMP stack later? If so, yes, you can do that too, no harm will come from it.

THX for taking care.

I found a video on YouTube where they install Webmin on old Ubuntu server.

They simply execute the two commends from Here: (I’m not allowed to post Links!!)

Will this really work also on 20.04, (not on list of supported…)and they say that this will also install the LAMP and Webmin?

I tried BUT:
Continue? (y/n) y
[INFO] Started installation log in /root/virtualmin-install.log

▣□□ Phase 1 of 3: Setup
[ERROR] No repos available for this OS. Are you running unstable/testing?

As I’m totally new PLS help.

Hi Witzker,

You are using an installer that does not recognize the OS version as supported. I would suggest you follow the Webmin installation guide for Ubuntu 20.04 exactly, using the same source, as that is already tested and working.

THX that worked
How can I get Virtualmin now because I think it is more powerful and easy to set up virtual servers especially for newbies.