Installation linux in laptop with Windows and Parrot Linux

I have Laptop with Windows and Parrot Linux.
I want to install 3rd Linux OS with Ubuntu base.

Attach image of laptop partition.

My plan :

Install linux on free partition with ext4 file system

I want to clarify:

Device for boot loader installation is : /dev/nvme0n1 ( main hard disk ).
I have Windows and Parrot Linux on /dev/nvme0n1p1 ( efi )

so , for device for boot loader installation , I need to choose :

  • /dev/nvme0n1 ( main hard disk ) or
  • /dev/nvme0n1p1 ( efi )

Please advise.

Hi Srinivasan,

Welcome to our forums.

On your screenshot the device for boot loader is already set, the main disk (the name ending with “n1”). In the upper list part of the screen, you need to choose where you install the operating system, not the boot loader - logically it should be the free space where your selection is on the picture.

Quick check , do we need choose boot partition => /boot/efi ?