Issues with 18TB HDD's connected through a docking station via USB in Ubuntu

Fresh from the world of Microsoft’s Windows (I’m absolutely DONE with Microsoft) I jumped into the world of Linux by installing Ubuntu on my brand new PC hoping that once I would understand Ubuntu well enough I would be able to install and run it on my other two devices and ditching Windows forever.

But of course, I’m running into issues I have no idea how to solve.
One of them being that because I have so many hard drives as a videographer I prefer to connect my hard drives with a docking station that can take up to twice 18TB HDD’s (which of course I have).
There have been no issues on Windows in the past and I had hoped this trend would continue on Linux.
However, right off the bat, as I transferred new files from an SD card onto one of the drives, some of the files I had copied ‘‘successfully’’ had mysteriously vanished upon reopening the folder which had me worried.
After reopening the folder a few times more and not finding the files I had already copied, Ubuntu started thinking real hard about reopening the folder yet again by ‘‘loading’’ forever and seemingly being stuck on that.
After attempting unmounting the drive which didn’t seem to have any effect I decided unplugging the drive from the Ubuntu computer and plugging the drive into my Windows running tablet.
After repairing the drive on Windows I had access to all of the video files I was sure I had copied on the Ubuntu PC.
Until I know what went wrong and how to fix this I think it’s best not to alter the drive in any way on the Ubuntu PC and just do read only as it would be disastrous if something were to happen to the drive and it would end up getting corrupted somehow.

Apart from this it takes an exceptionally long time for the Ubuntu PC to access the drives after I’ve connected them.
And I mean it takes about a full minute, if not a tad longer, before Ubuntu actually allows me to browse these drives.
I have no idea if this is normal, but compared to my experiences I’ve had on Windows computers it strikes me as very odd.

Obviously I would like to know what went wrong here, how to fix this issue and what to do in the future if something like this were to occur again.
Also, I wonder if there is a way for the Ubuntu PC to grant me access to the drives faster.
Of course, if Ubuntu has necessary business to attend to before I can access the drives, I would have no problem with it provided it doesn’t change its mind later down the line (haha).

Please bear in mind that I am super new to this stuff so please be precise if you are kind enough to help me out.
Thanks very much in advance!