Items Not Displaying Correctly in GNOME Apps


I am experiencing a display issue with the GNOME desktop environment. In several GNOME applications, such as Settings, File Manager, Software, and Extensions Manager, the items do not show up initially. However, when I hover over them, their names appear.

Interestingly, this issue does not occur when I snap the window or when the window is in full screen mode.

System Information:

Desktop Environment: GNOME
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GT 710
Graphics Driver: 470xx

Issue Description:

When I open any GNOME application (Settings, File Manager, Software, Extensions Manager), the items within the application window are initially blank.
Upon hovering over the blank items, their names and icons appear.
This issue does not occur when the window is snapped or in full screen mode.

Steps Taken to Troubleshoot:

Updated System: Ensured all packages are up to date.
Changed Theme: Switched to different themes in GNOME Tweaks with no improvement.
Reset GNOME Settings: Used dconf reset -f /org/gnome/ to reset GNOME settings to default.
Checked Graphics Drivers: Verified and updated graphics drivers (using NVIDIA 470xx drivers).
Disabled Fractional Scaling: Set scaling to 100% in Display settings.
Disabled GNOME Extensions: Disabled all extensions via GNOME Tweaks and Extensions app.

Additional Information:

I have encountered this issue on multiple Linux distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux.

Despite these efforts, the issue persists. I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to resolve this display problem. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue, or is there something I might be missing?


Try to Switch Between Wayland and Xorg: Sometimes switching between Wayland and Xorg can resolve display issues.

Simply log out, click on a gear button and change to either Wayland or Xorg