Keyboard will not work

I have upgraded to 18.04 LTS. I have windows 10 on one hard drive & 16.04 on another. My mouse works fine I am using it and the on screen keyboard to type this email. Every thing is fine on windows 10 and every thing was ok on 16.04. I have been struggling with this for about a week off and on. I am about to return to 16.04. This on screen key board is driving me nuts. Please help.

Hi Oldman,

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The problem you describe is strange indeed. To get closer to the problem, please tell us more about the setup. Do you have an USB connected keyboard? If so, what is the output of the command:
$ lsusb
Does any other device work well when plugged into the same port?

No, this key board has the old style round purple plug with pins. I just deleted the the ubuntu program on my second drive. Windows 10 now has a Linux app. and I am trying to deal with that. I find windows instructions to be very uninformative. Thanks Sandman.
So far with the windows app all I am getting is the screen where you type in commands but no desktop. ?! What is up with that? We shall see, Thank you again, oldman