Linux Commands -

Are you a beginner GNU/Linux user and wish to look beyond the usual window dragging and mouse clicking? This guide is intended for the absolute beginner users wishing to learn the basics of GNU/Linux command line.
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Thanx for the Article.
Better than some stupid book I bought on Amazon.

Please add a section to force the OS to save my files to Google-Drive.
Section to boot the OS from Comand-line and carry our all functions from command line.
talk to the OS on Command-line in case an upgrade fails, or at least to be able to recover my files.

Thank you very much for the tutorial.
I spent several hours doing everything in my command console and I had fun learning, I made my notes of some very important things to keep in mind and your warnings.
I am satisfied with what I have learned and I will continue to learn much more because as you say, this is just the surface, GNU / Linux is my main development system and I will master it as much as possible. :grin:

Thank you for your feedback and support…It’s much appreciated.