Linux is over the top re security

The hoops you have to jump through to do anything is just plain annoying.

What is it that I have to do to pi$$ this error off.

I have tried sudo chmod -R +r+w * on the entire folder and it just does not work.

I just want to enable read write for ALL users on my Linux mint desktop on the web folder than contains the forum.

I am not interested in trying to fugure out which user I need to do this form. I just want to give blanket permission to read write that folder.

How do I do this?

You must include one of a, o, u, or g, as in a+rw not just +rw (for all, other, user or group). I suppose this is to keep you from accidentally doing dumb things.

btw, chmod is not linux, it’s unix, and been around for many decades , you might say, annoying us all, but also keeping us going and safe. Linux runs on more computers than any other OS in the world I think, so my thinking is that if you’re annoyed, then either get over it or move to one of the lesser used OS’s.