Lock a file or change icon

I think this should be a no brainier for you guys, there I go thinking again… hexing myself.

Anyway if I word this right, here goes… I have a program or 2 that I really don’t want one of the ex-stepkids to be able to access. One is Tor Browser, I think if he had access to it he would be either trying to buy drugs to support his habit, or buy women. The kid is a waste of skin, reason he’s an ex-stepkid.

Would I be better off password protecting the file?

Or maybe just changing the dock icon to something like Barney the Dinosaur, or Disneyland? Something that wouldn’t interest him at all?!

Either way, how would I go about getting it done?

Well, if you are not using a pre-packaged version of Tor Browser, you can always just install (extract) it into a subfolder of your user account (for example ~/bin/ ) this way only your user account has access to the program.

…anyways, this does not prevent any other user on the system to do the same :slight_smile: You could make it impossible for a user to execute a binary in his/her home folder by mounting the home folder from another disk/partition with the noexec flag. Check the manpage for “mount” and “fstab” and search for noexec to learn more.