Making of FTP Server On ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Dear Sir,

Already I have created Thread regarding the Making of FTP Server and its configuration file ( VSFTPD.D). as per your reply, I am doing it here…

Now question has come, every time my FTP server’s IP Address gets changed, So now I decided to put static and added the static IP Address in network interfaces and DNS Addresses in resolv.conf. when I restarts the ftp Server computer… then DNS addresses will not be there in resolv.conf file. it is happing every time. Every time I have to add manually DNS Addresses In Resolv.conf file Once computer gets started.

for FTP server, always needed static address… Because, you can access the data from FTP server Easily.

Always I wish to tell you one thing is that, If you do help … It would be great help for me

It is my wholeheartedly request to you Sir,

humbly request of mine is…Already I have replied to First Thread please Kindly Check it

Thread Title is " Making of FTP Server On Ubuntu Linux and the editing of FTP Config File "
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Basavaraj From India.

Hi Basavaraj,

Have you tried to make your /etc/resolv.conf file immutable?

Make changes to /etc/resolv.conf and then execute:

# chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

the above will make /etc/resolv.conf impossible to change so after reboot your settings will never change.