No such file or directory error when opening a terminal


Hi folks,

I have a very basic question for you if you don’t mind. Whenever I open a terminal, I get this

 bash: /etc/profile.d/ No such file or directory

followed by the usual prompt.

Before i had a script called, which would run whenever I opened a terminal. In the end, I deleted it because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. But some file is clearly still pointing to it. I’ve searched high and low for the source of this error, ie some reference to, but I cannot find it. I’ve looked in ~/.bashrc ~/.profile and a few other places I can’t remember offhand. Can anyone tell me where this reference is most likely to be? While it doesn’t cause any problems and I can still use the terminal without a problem, it’s just a tad annoying and considering the amount of time I’ve spent trying to locate it, I’d be thrilled and to actually find a solution.

I’m running Sparky Linux 64bit (XFCE install) with Enlightenment Desktop on Lenovo T420.

Thank you in advance.



have you tried the system wide bashrc?



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