Problem with Testing MySQL Database Connection


I’ve been following the LinuxConfig guide ‘Setting Up a Lamp Server on Ubuntu 24.04’, and I’m stuck at Step 6: Testing MySQL Database Connection.

I’ve followed all of the instructions successfully so far, but when I visit the ‘mysql-test.php’ file on my localhost using my web browser I just get a blank page.

What can I do to get this to work?

P.S. Sorry for not including any links, new users on the forum aren’t allowed to use them.


I removed and purged everything LAMP-related and started over, and I’ve got the MySQL database connection working now. I think I had messed something up right at the beginning of the installation. But it’s all good now.

Apologies and best regards.

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To resolve the issue of the blank page when testing the MySQL connection in your mysql-test.php file, you can try the following steps:

Enable Error Reporting: Ensure that PHP error reporting is enabled to catch any potential errors or warnings that might not be displayed by default.
Check MySQL Credentials: Verify that the MySQL credentials (hostname, username, password, database name) in the mysql-test.php file are correct.
Verify PHP Installation: Confirm that PHP is properly installed and configured on your server.
Inspect Server Logs: Check the Apache error log for any specific errors related to your mysql-test.php file.
These steps should help you identify the issue and get your MySQL test page working.