Redhat 7.6 under Hyper-V 2012 unreachable

Dear All,

I have a new Redhat 7.6 Server virtual machine created in Hyper-v Server 2012.
the issue is after some time (i mean if i am not connecting to vm for example 2 hours) the Redhat server unreachable & can’t ping but… when i login to the redhat vm through hyper-v the redhat virtual machine comes up and running.

how I can stop this problem?

one more information…
I informed that some one from my team he disabled the firewalld.service
do you think this is related to the incident?

  • when I login to the virtual machine from hyper-V then every things working fine and I can login from anywhere SSH

do you think is issue related to the NIC configuration like wake up or the system goes sleep after some time???

Hi Ali,
welcome to our forum. The issue you mention seems related to this article from RedHat:

It could have been also a firewall misconfiguration or underlying issue with HyperV / storage.

Dear Fabek,
Many Thanks…,
Actually I have do some troubleshooting on network level so, I report this to our network team to clear ARP cache in network hardware in HP Core Switch.
This change will be apply on after tomorrow I will wait till 30 of June then I will update you if this solve permanently.

Thank you…