Rewording a previous question

I ran this by everyone a couple months ago, rewording it now.

I’m completely happy with my Ubuntu install on my laptop, my question is:

What is the best way to save it to a thumb drive, so I can use it for fresh installs.?

I was thinking of Clonezilla, I’ve had luck with it with Windows. I’ve seen there is a Linux program available. Any favorite programs?

what i’ve done is create a bootable USB using Rufus and have used that as a portable method to create another install or fix one that had issues. have also put full installs on USBs as another method. it only takes about ten minutes to do.

Thank You
I’m thinking that would work well too. If the install craps out, you have a handy back up as well.
Quick question… How big of thumb drive would I need? 8 GB? Or larger? Are Ubuntu/Mint roughly the same sized footprint?

Okay, I downloaded it, but how the heck do you run it? It says it’s an exe file, but I double click to run it, and it takes me to Extract it…baffled me. is it a Linux program or Windows? I’m really confused.

Thank You