I recently installed Doudoulinux on two PC’s in a library for the kids to use. I installed it natively on the hard drive with no problems. The only issue I have is that after about 10 minutes the screen goes black and into some type of hibernation or sleep mode. I would love for a way to prevent that from happening and to enable some type of screensaver, preferable something with the Doudou bird or other characters on it that would attract the kids attention to come over and play with the PC. As of now with screen going black the kids just ignore it and think the PC is turned off.

Thanks for all your help!

I spent a little time this weekend playing around to see if I can figure this out and solved this problem. I figured I’d post the response for anyone who might be looking to the do the same. I had to install a screen saver program xscreensaver and the xtra screen savers for it then activate it. I listed it in steps below. I am doing this a native install to the hard drive.

  1. open up the terminal: Under Work=>Accessories=>LXTerminal
  2. become root: type ‘su’ without the ’ ’ then enter and type your password. Whatever password you setup for your account during install
  3. update the repository info: type ‘apt-get update’ from here on out when you see type only type what is between ’ ’ also make sure your connected to the internet
  4. install xscreensaver: type ‘apt-get install xscreensaver’
  5. install xscreensaver extras: type ‘apt-get install xscreensaver-gl-extra xscreensaver-data-extra’
    6.logout of root account: type ‘exit’
  6. activate xscreensaver: type ‘xscreensaver-activate’
  7. run the live demo to configure your screen savers: type ‘xscreensaver-demo’ at this point a GUI window will open and let you change screen savers the time till it displays etc…

That’s it. Hope it helps someone!