Service setup with systemctl in RHEL8

Tried scheduling service on rhel 8 as below – cd /etc/systemd/system created symbolic link to service sudo ln -s /apps/xyz/abc.service /etc/systemd/system/abc.service

Gives error : Failed to start abc.service: Unit abc.service not found. cat abc.service command works well and able to access service from same location. But when I run ‘systemctl cat abc.service’ gives error : no file found as abc.service Why. Is systemctl not able to access this service?

journalctl -u abc.service , doesnot has any any entries. systemctl list-unit-files gives unit file state bad

Hi Vishnu_G,

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Did you reload the configuration? You can do so by executing:

# systemctl daemon-reload

systemd has a tendency of not checking the actual unit files without reloading.

Yep I did daemon-reload. Still same error

Just to do a reverse test: try to symlink your .service file under /lib/systemd/system, and try to call it with systemd from there.