Trying to restore router to factory settings. Tutorial suggested to use Linux for it



Some time ago I patched a few Linksys WRT54GL modems to use as a mesh node. Now I want to restore them back to the Original settings.
I downloaded the Original Bin file, but du to changes made in the flash program I cant use the normal options to patch them back to factory settings.
The patched program won’t let me upload the original bin file so I need to use the options of a TFTP upload. Therefor I need the modem to boot and use a 3 seconds window to acces the modem and upload the bin file.
Using windows is a bit of a problem. It’s to busy assinging a LAN port during the time I have to acces the modem. The tutorial I follow suggested to use Linux for it.
I have absolutely zero experience using Linux so I really need some help here.
The tutorial mentiond that i run a script in Linux (section Installing firmware with tftp).
How can I do that using Linux? As mentioned earlier, I have totally no experience in the use of Linux.



Hi Rob,

the simplest way to run script as linux beginner would be:
[li]use some sort of text editor and save the script as file in your home directory eg. ( filename extension is not important ) [/li][li]open terminal using menu ( xtern, terminal, konsole etc. ). Use cd command to navigate to your home directory if required [/li][li]make your script executable using chmod command [/li][li]run command ./ to start your script [/li][/ol]

Here is what you should see in your terminal:

$ cd your/directory/name/with/saved/script
$ chmod +x
$ ./

And you are done. Furthermore, it would be worth to learn somebash scripting basics.

hope this helps…Let me know if you need more help…



Thnx Irendek, Easy to follow instructions. I give it a try.
I will look into the bash scripting basics too.


Thanks for such useful instructions

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