Ubuntu 20.04 shared folders

I have installed an instance of Ubuntu 20.04 in a VirtualBox Guest machine in a Windows 10 Host machine and am having difficulty in accessing shared folders. The way to do it was copied from an article relating to Ubuntu 18.04 which worked but does not seem to work in 20.04.

Hi MacNala,

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We have a guide about installing guest additions on Ubuntu 20.04 that you might find useful. It is required by VirtualBox to make shared folders work.

Thanks for the information but it was not a problem with installing Guest Additions. My problem was I followed an out of date video on How to use shared folders in Ubuntu. I discovered the answer from another forum. The icon I expected was not present on the desktop as it was in 18.04 but in the list of files in Nautilus and I had not looked there.

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