Ubuntu router configuration

I have a device which sends meter data to its maker site, using the MQTT protocol.

I intend to capture this information, routing it to my ubuntu PC, where I have setup a docker container with RabbitMQ Server. Below a small diagram depicting my current home network.

Since I am a beginner regarding ubuntu configuration and networking, I come here to ask for your help regarding what configuration should I do to achieve my goal, knowing that:

  • I can only configure the device IP;
  • I was planning in using my ubuntu PC as the router for the device and using it to block internet access to the device;
  • My ubuntu PC only have one network card;
  • I only have one router, and I would like a solution where I do not need additional hardware

Hi estatistica.solar,

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This task you describe is a bit tricky with the given hardware. You see, if the PC you would like to setup as a router would need two network cards to be able to send forth the device’s traffic to your TP-link router, thus allowing to catch the traffic of the device. If you are able to connect the PC to the router using Wifi, the goal is still achievable with your current hardware. Otherwise your best option would be to block the traffic at your original router the device now connects to.

interesting post, thank you