Unable to access ftp/sftp server from remote location


Thanks for your help. I’ve set up the ftp/sftp servers as per your guide. I can access the ftp/sftp when on my home network. However, when I’m at my office I cannt connect. I’ve tried filezilla on my windows laptop but it times out from inactivity.

Any advice

Remote Desktop Access

Hi Graham,

To access your FTP server from a remote location you need to connect to it via your external public IP address provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). At least, without more information regarding your host and specific error messages, this is my first guess of what is wrong.

Consider a following example:

Our FTP server is running on a local host with a local IP address say and port 21. Any host on the same network id can access the ftp without any issues. However, if we try to access it from a remote location we are no loger on the same LAN as out FTP server hence we need to fist connect to our router via external public IP address e.g.

In order to do so we first need to setup port-forwarding so any remote attempt to access socket will be redirected to

If you have not set your port forwarding yet login to your router and look for a feature port-forwarding.

If still unsuccessful paste here any error messages you encounter when trying to connect from your office using filezilla. Alternatively run command ftp command to attempt to login from your office and paste the output here. Example:

$ ftp my-ftp-server-host-name-or-ip-address

In any case more information is required to in order to troubleshoot.



Thanks. I figure its a wrong IP or not port forwarded. I will check once back at home.



How do i open the port as well as forward it. I believe ive done this but want to confirm.


Normally, when you create a port forward on your router it will also open the selected port from outside. How to create a port-forwarding depends on your router as the procedure is specific for every router. Looking into your router’s manual might give you some idea on how to proceed.