Update Ubuntu 20 LTS to final version

i have installed Ubuntu 20 LTS on 1 computer. Because the final version will be able on April 20th, will i be able to update my LTS version to final version with “ZSYNC” withour re-install?

I found this answer in a blog. I am copying and pasting:

If you upgrade to the Ubuntu 20.04 beta version, you don’t need to install it again when the final stable version is released. Just update your Ubuntu system regularly and you’ll already be using the same 20.04 when it is released…


  1. Itsfoss website ubuntu-20-04-release-features
  2. Itsfoss website upgrade-ubuntu-beta


Zsync is only good to keep your Ubuntu 20.04 downloaded ISO images up to date so you do not have re-download the whole ISO image just to have the latest version in order to perform a new Ubuntu 20.04 installation. This is not what regular users do anyway.

There is no need for upgrade from version to another once the final Ubuntu 20.04 is released. If you have now installed the Ubuntu 20.04 before its official release date you simply need to keep updating packages as you normally would.

Hope this helps