VNC server on Mint Linux with Cinnamon desktop

Thanks for the article: “VNC server on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux”
This topic explains how to manage VNC access, but it uses Xfce as desktop.
I like to know how to manage that in detail with Cinnamon (Linux Mint 19).


To run VNC server on Linux Mint Cinnamon you can simply follow the instructions for VNC ubuntu server. The only difference is when it comes to the startup script ~/.vnc/xstartup definition. Instead of startxfce4 use cinnamon-session. For example:

cinnamon-session &

Rest of the instruction are the same. I have just tested this procedure on Linux Mint 19 and it works well. Bellow you can see a VNC session with cinnamon user interface.

Hope this helps


Thank you for the hint. One question left: when I install it, do I just have to use
sudo apt install vnc4server
instead of
sudo apt install vnc4server xfce4 xfce4-goodies
or is there something else to be installed together with vnc4server?

Good point!

$ sudo apt install vnc4server

The above command should be enough. Since we are running VNC on Linux Mint Cinnamon the Cinnamon desktop is already installed.

Thank you very much, now I can start …

There is still something wrong.
After login a messagebox appears that says that Cinnamon has broke down and wants to be restarted. But either Yes or No will not make it properly starting. Screen remains uncomplete and cannot be used.

Yes, I’ve got the same error message but to me it seems more like annoyance rather than big issue. After closing that pop-up I had no trouble to use cinnamon desktop or reconnect to it again later.

x11vnc is also worth looking into. It has more options than the other VNC servers out there and - the best part - it doesn’t stop running when you close a client session. I have been using it since about 2005 on an old Proliant 2500 server with Fedora Core 2. It doesn’t disappoint.