What is the best way to do a screenshot on Linux?


I was wonderting if someone could help me to do a screenshot on Linux. I tried Print Screen button but this make a screenshot of the whole screen. Can someone suggest some Linux tool for making screenshots? I need to save a specific part of a screen.


HI Caroline

What Linux distribution do you use and what version…Do you have KDE, GNOME etc?



I am using Linux Mint. Hope you can help …

Simply hit “PrtSc” key and mint will store the image into ~/Pictures/ .

If you need to take a screen-shot of a specific windows simply make it active by clicking on it and press: ALT + PrtSc . Again it wil save your image into ~/Pictures/ directory.

You could always try mate-screenshot.
I’m sure there are standard screencapture software within the repositories that you could download I think ‘SHUTTER’ is one.