Writing remote directories to LTO



I’m trying to write to a local LTO tape drive using the TAR command. I’m familiar enough to do this for directories on the local machine, but I really need to use this tape drive to archive directories from other machines on the local network, specifically some directories on a data server connected via Samba… I also have other Linux machines on the local network which need various directories archived.

Is there any hope for this or must I copy to an external drive and connect to the local machine?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi Petrolero,

Have you considered to use netcat for this. Nectat allows you to open port on your backup PC and then send any output using this port from your client over the network. For example:

First open a port number eg. 2222 on your backup machine:

$ nc -l 2222 > test.tar.gz

then login to you client and do backup as per usual but instead of directling you backup to file you point to the opened port on you backap machine:

tar -cz file.txt | nc -q 0 2222

where is a IP address of your backup PC.

hope this helps…


If I understand correctly, you need to archive various dirs from boxes on your network on a tape drive. You can use nfs or rsync or even scp.

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