Wrong mouse position

Hello all,

I am facing the problem where after a while of changing the windows on citrix receiver , the mouse positioning [ location is way off the intended location ]

I have tried so many Linux redistribution [ Ubuntu , centos ] all the same idea and the problem appear after a while not directly

Attached the picture of what it looks like

I hope that there is a fix to the problem , your help is Highly appreciated


Hi Rashed,

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This seems to be a common problem with the Citrix Receiver.
You should try disabling display scaling on the receiver, and see if that solves the mouse offset problem.

Hope this will help,

how to disable display scaling on the receiver

Hi Rashed,

I’m having some problems testing it, as the official site’s download page seems broken, and not providing the actual content to download. This setting should be in the client’s properties somewhere.