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YouTube is home to most of the world’s video content these days. The YouTube website does not give users an easy way to download videos, since its in their best interest that users continually return to the site any time they want to watch a video. However, it is sometimes better to download videos for offline use, so users can archive content that is at risk of disappearing from online, or just so they can continue watching without an internet connection.

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Thankyou so much for this!!! been using youtube-dl from terminal for years but it stopped working because its not maintained anymore. Been using linux only for about 12 years. now i just gotta figure out how to create an easy launch icon.

hi its me again

All i had to do was find the yt-dlp-gui.exe file and right click on it and choose “make link”. The link icon can then be dragged to desktop.

The exe file is hiding in:
Home folder
yt-dlp-gui folder
app folder
dist folder
yt-dlp-gui folder (again)
right click on the yt-dlp-gui.exe file and choose “make link”
drag link to desktop

linux 4 ever